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I think the pretty bird I saw outside has every bit as much to do with the discussion on race as the various other issues I raised on that idiotic post did (that is to say, they are all equally irrelevant), and it was arrogant to detract from a discussion that is so sorely needed.

I appreciate that others have taken the time to point out my errors. I wish that I hadn’t said anything hurtful, as no personal lesson is worth hurting others.


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Addendum to the Racefail post and an apology.

Please, if I’ve said anything offensive/clueless, and you are willing to take the time to help someone you don’t know on teh interwebz, let me know and point out what it was. I don’t want to be a Clueless White Chick, or Clueless Straight Chick, or Clueless in general.

I’m trying to become aware of the stupidity that my own privilege is resulting in. I hate the idea that my ignorance could lead to other people being offended or hurt.

Also, to clarify, the ‘mess’ that I was referring to was referring to the name-calling, the disrespect, and general flip-flopping and flailing going on. There have been a number of posts that really made me open my eyes and realise how damned ignorant I’ve been, but there have also been plenty of posts that made my mind boggle.

ETA: I realise now how incredibly me-centric my previous post was. Unfortunately, it took someone else pointing it out for me to see that. It just goes to show how bloody ignorant I am, despite my hopes that I had at least  a smidgen of insight. 

I even mentioned people making it about themselves. Big fail on my part.

It was also pointed out that I didn’t make any clear reference to RF for people who haven’t been following it. I use the link list complied by rydra_wong here.

The post that pointed out how egocentric and essentially stupid my post was may well be the most important thing I’ll ever read. I really did think I had a grip on the subject, but I made it about me, and put my foot in my mouth on a massive scale. If I’ve upset or offended anyone, I’m sorry.

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