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Introduction, explanation

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages. I may as well do it now I’m on my post-dinner break.

For a long while I had my blog over at leahclarke.vox.com, but recent changes in the site have put me off blogging there. So here I am with a new blog.

I write and I edit. Right now, I mostly edit. I’ve worked on Playing For Keeps by Mur Laffterty, Brave Men Run by Matthew Wayne Selznick, The Dead Parade by James Roy Daley, and I’m currently rounding off edits on Eden by Tony Monchinski. As you may have realised, I’ve only been working for Permuted Press and Swarm Press so far, but I’m more than open to working with whoever will have me.

Even though I’ve managed to edit a writer I absolutely adore and have followed for quite a while now, my writing achievements have been, and I’m being kind with this description, less than stellar. Either I’m meant to be an editor, or my luck is bizarre in its distribution.

Anyway, enough blathering, back to Eden.


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