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Prada and the Giant Sloth made it all the way to Ben Philips, who thought it was too cheery for Pseudopod.

I can’t say he’s wrong, it is an almost manically cheerful story, even if it does have a few dismemberments and decapitations.

One day, Pseudopod. One day.



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I have written what I think is my best story yet. It is full of criticism in things I personally believe in. It also has a very cute alien named Ian, and a grumpy old lady who learns to appreciate twigs, and has appeared in previoius Susan and Mitchell stories.

It’s destined for the next Hadley Rille antho, Destination: Future. I hope they like this one as much (and maybe even a tad more) than Echoes. I certainly do.

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Official acceptance the second

Just sent off a contract to Arkham Tales, who will be publishing Indigenous Species.

I can’t believe a Susan & Mitchell story is actually seeing the light of day. I’d already resigned myself to writing these for the sheer fun of it.



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