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Narrative causality (not really)

The reason I had to wrench myself from my bed at an ungodly hour this morning was a class on Richard III.

During the course of the day, in non-related situations, I’ve heard many references to said play. The best, and worst as it’s bloody painful, is my current gimpiness. After a stressful and awkward nap, I woke up barely able to move my left arm. I’ve somehow managed to bugger up my shoulder, so I have to walk around with my one shoulder hunched to minimise the OHLORDITHURTSSOMUCH.

I was tempted to lurch around my parents’ flat quoting the opening, but I don’t think anyone would have got it. 

Anyway, seeing as today is wholly about Richard III for me, and I need a good laugh, here is some LOLbard:


Yes, I do think this is hilarious. When I say I have a ‘good’ sense of humour, I mean that I find almost anything funny.

Anyway, typing this was bloody agony, so now I’m going to sign off and do nothing that involves moving my one arm till it gets better.

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Is it me

Or does William Shakespeare look just like Bill Bailey?

(The dude on the left is Milton, by the way.)


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