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Hey look!

Thom has got his online fiction thing up! It is awesome and everyone should read it.

His Nameless P.I. character prods buttock.

Oh, and er, I might have a story hidden away somewhere, too.


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That, my friends, is the sound of ‘Things I Discovered When I Went Time Travelling Last Year’ being sent to the EscapePod slush pile via my super-duper handy-dandy Transporter Ray.


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I just began and finished a short story. It’s for one of Thom’s projects, and may be available online at some point in the future. If/when it is, I’ll put up a link.

It featuresthe end of the world as dinosaurs knew it and slightly deranged academics and fucking ginormous squids.


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My cameos in fiction

One of the fun perks about having writery friends is that they put you in stories every now and then. Here are my appearances to date:

Skull Ring by Thom Brannan, in which I ride around on a woolly rhino and fight Lovecraftian monsters while dressed as Lara Croft. Extra hilarity if you know how I usually dress.

The Sad Saga of Tyrannosaurus Tex by Matthew Baugh, in which I’m a schoolmarm who’s in love with a Tyrannosaurus. I was the inspiration for Miss Laura, but I feel such a profound connection with my fellow Tyrannosaurus-fancier, that I can’t help but identify with her directly.

The only bad thing about my appearances thus far is that it’s set the bar so high, I don’t think anyone could possibly follow it up.


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I can die happy

Thom has made me a character in his series of short detective stories. I’m a storyline developer working on a Mythos-tinged videogame, and I have a love for sloths and arcane books.

Aw yiss.


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