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I’m currently doing a course on Old English literature, and although sometimes the words make me want to poke a crochet hook up my nose and pull my brain out bit by bit, I am loving the course. It is, without a doubt my favourite course outside the actual lit section so far. (It might have ‘literature’ in the course title, but it is most definitely philology.)

Not only do I love how the Anglo-Saxons turned everything into EPIC WAR in their poetry and prose, I also enjoy the fact that Aelfred was all about culturally uplifting his people, not to mention the culture that he was so crazy about.

Christianity was a large part of that culture. I’ve been interested in it since my first year at uni, when I took a Cultural Backgrounds course. We had to read the classics and the King James Bible. I was familiar with the classics, thanks to my gymnasium high school thing. (Here in the Netherlands, that doesn’t mean that you’re good at sports–it means you’re taught Greek and/or Latin, and you’re made familiar with classical culture. For the record, I was dreadful at most sports, unless it involved doing lots of sit-ups, being really flexible, or hockey.)

I can tell you about the odd plumbing reference in Piramus and Thisbe (and how, unfortunately, Shakespeare left this out of Romeo and Juliet), but my knowledge of Christianity still feels lacking. Luckily for me, I’m friends with the awesome Matthew Baugh, a pastor who writes wonderfully pulpy fiction in his spare time. He’s helped me learn a lot about religion and spiritual matters, and has done so in a kind and understanding way. 

Now, the denizens of the Interwebs who are not fortunate enough to have Matthew as a part of their lives can read his musings on this subject in his blog God and Stuff.

It’s readable, interesting, accesible, and just plain good.



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My cameos in fiction

One of the fun perks about having writery friends is that they put you in stories every now and then. Here are my appearances to date:

Skull Ring by Thom Brannan, in which I ride around on a woolly rhino and fight Lovecraftian monsters while dressed as Lara Croft. Extra hilarity if you know how I usually dress.

The Sad Saga of Tyrannosaurus Tex by Matthew Baugh, in which I’m a schoolmarm who’s in love with a Tyrannosaurus. I was the inspiration for Miss Laura, but I feel such a profound connection with my fellow Tyrannosaurus-fancier, that I can’t help but identify with her directly.

The only bad thing about my appearances thus far is that it’s set the bar so high, I don’t think anyone could possibly follow it up.


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Time to update the hell out of this blog

I have been neglecting many things recently, and this blog is one of them. Time to get back into the blogging saddle and remedy this.

Right, I’ve been doing a lot of writing and writing-related things the past two weeks.

Reginald was sent off to Fantasy Magazine, and rejected promptly and politely. It is now… somewhere else I don’t quite remember. Ah, Apex. I have no idea if it’s scifi, but it’s got a robot, and it wasn’t what Fantasy Magazine was looking for, so I figured I may as well give it a go. There won’t be a place that it’s obviously right for, until Dickensian Steampunk with Lovecraftian Undertones Quarterly is established.

I wrote a story about two genderless telepathic aliens called George and Henry witnessing the end of sentient life in the universe for the Footprints anthology. I’ve never been so flippant about the end of the world before.

I’m finally writing the Susan and Mitchell novel. I had a number of novel ideas for these two, including my NaNo effort from a few years ago, Downstairs, which is essentially Alice in Wonderland meets The Shaver Mystery. I have combined that with the knife crime story and my crappy old short story Subscription to come up with what I’ve tentatively titled Stretchmarks. It’s currently at 31000 words, 21000 of which I’ve written for NaNo ’08.

I have been press-ganged by privateer Thom Brannan to serve on the good ship I’m Not Sure If I Should Mention This. It’s rad as hell, and I’m currently trying to find a way to contribute to this project without making an arse of myself and the material I’ve been given to work with.

I’m also trying to bring order to the chaos that is the Dickensian Steampunk with Lovecraftian Undertones time travel novel I’m working on with Matthew Baugh, who is awesome. (I am going to dominate this genre, let me tell you.) It’s difficult, and it’s taking way more time than I anticipated.

And, while all this is going on, I’m trying to find a way to get through college. I’ve sort of decided to take two years to complete the final year of my Bachelor’s course, because I want to do lots of extra subjects and get lots of excellent grades, so that I can get into any Master’s program I want. Although I’m 99.9% sure about this course of action, I still feel the need to do every damn thing that’s coming my way, which involves three presentations and five essays in about three or four weeks.

Oh, and I sent Prada and the Giant Sloth to GUD magazine. I forgot how much fun it isn’t to wait for submission replies.

Since the last update, my family has gained a new member! No, I haven’t squeezed one out. My parents got a cat. His name is Gimpy. Seeing as he’s the only one in our family who is completely healthy, we needed to gimpify him, if only in name. He’s wonderful. He also attacked my face this morning, so I’ve got a scratch on my nose. Unfortunately it is small, so I can’t make up a story about the badass way I gained said scratch.

Peace out, yo.


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Semi-untitled novel coming along… nicely?

So, for the first time in what feels like forever, I’m actually working on something of my own. The semi-untitled novel (I think of it as ‘The Girl Who Walks Through Walls) is coming along surprisingly well. Once I’ve got the first chapter down, I’ll be sending it off to my partner in crime.


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