Gezelligheid and the ‘flu

Yes, ‘flu. I have fallen victim to the bug that’s been going round. I thought I was going to manage to avoid it, but alas, I didn’t get in enough vitamins and other awesome stuff, so now I’m full of aches and pains and semi-human croaks.

I’m sojourning with the fam, and attempting to not spread the lergy while still being gezellig.

For the non-Dutch reading this, that link may not say that much at first. I mean, it’s all Dutch, with a few nice pictures. (I think that that photo of the pigs is the best depiction of gezelligheid I’ve ever seen.) But look down the side. There’s no links to versions of that article in other languages.

But if you go to the Dutch page for cats, you’ll see that there are loads of other language versions of that page. There’s even on in Anglo Saxon, which is wicked awesome.

But yeah, gezelligheid seems to be something uniquely Dutch. Well, the word does. That feeling of happiness that you get when partaking in particularly successful social interactions is not something you feel only when around people who speak Dutch. But the Dutch are the only people who have managed to capture it in a word, related to company (gezelschap in the abstract, whereas one who keeps you company is a gezel). If I had to translate the word literally, it’d turn out to be something like ‘company-y’, which fails at English.

I think the Germans came quite close with their Gemütlichkeit. But if you Google it, the first link that comes up is the Wikipedia article about gezelligheid.

Does this have an actual point? Nope, not really. I just really like gezelligheid, and I like thinking about fairly unique words.

Not the ‘flu, though. That sucks.



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2 responses to “Gezelligheid and the ‘flu

  1. Hope you feel better soon!

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