Fixated? Me? NEVAR.

Currently writing something that is not cheery in the slightest. It’s inspired by last semester’s Philology course and reading lots and lots of stories about arcane books.

It is not funny, it is not poignant, it is not heartwarming. It might make a vague point about how women were treated a few hundred years ago. It  has an unlikely friendship. It has insanity. It has an introductory note from someone who stumbled upon the odd manuscript.

Hopefully Pseudopod will reject this for something other than incessant cheeriness. I think this is about as close to straight horror that I’m ever going to get.


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2 responses to “Fixated? Me? NEVAR.

  1. Matthew

    Hmmm… Trying to broaden our reasons for rejection, are we? It sounds interesting and I’d love a peek at how you hand;le pure horror. LMK if you need a beta. I promise to eviscerate it gently.

  2. And if straight horror isn’t your bag, you could always try gay horror.


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