As you may or may not know, I am a total ho for short stories. I think S.King’s short stories are far superior to his novels, and I’ve also gone through periods of addiction to Chambers, Lovecraft, Conan Doyle, Gaiman, and a load others.

So I’m completely over the moon with my extremely late Christmas present from Marijn: SHADOWS OVER BAKER STREET. It is amazing, fabulous, brilliant, wicked, rad, and other adjectives as well.

As an aside, I was surprised to see that it had a story by Elizabeth Bear. That reminded me that I might post something regarding the recent RaceFail ’09 debacle over on LJ.


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2 responses to “YESSSS

  1. Matthew

    It is a fun collection.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.

    I wish there were more anthologies like this.

    *gets to plotting*

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