Trauma cat

If you read this, there’s a chance that you are familiar with my cat. If not, here’s Gimpy, aka Gimps, aka The Monster, aka Bastard:



No commentary needed, amirite?

Anyway, he’s all traumatised because we got a visit from the window cleaners today. I think that having something AT THE WINDOW (my parents live in a third floor flat, so Gimpy’s world is fairly limited) is a horror verging on the Lovecraftian for my poor, stupid cat.

Instead of Lurker at the Threshold, we have Cleaner at the Sill. Still, I’ll expect he’ll stop diving for cover at the slightest noise before I head back up to Leiden.



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2 responses to “Trauma cat

  1. Matthew

    Mine have a special fear of ‘The Shambler from the Pizza Hut’.

  2. Leah

    I doubt Gimpy would be able to comprehend the horror of such a thing, and would be left gibbering, attempting to write a final journal entry.

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