Bloody hell

I just got a rejection from the Footprints anthology. I was expecting that, as I didn’t think that a story about two campy telepathic aliens with a death wish would appeal to them. 

Correction, I didn’t think it would appeal to anyone except me.

But I made the final list! Reading that blew my mind. I hadn’t expected to get anywhere close to acceptance for that particular antho, as it looked like it had damned high standards that I simply can’t live up to. The main reason I subbed was because I wanted to get back into writing short stories, so I went looking for the most evocative themed anthos and started writing stories to order.

(Not that they don’t have high standards. They do. I’m more shocked that I was able to even vaguely approach the benchmark they’d set.)

But yeah, holy crapola. This is the second-best rejection ever. (The first-best being a personal reply from none other than Ben Motherfucking Phillips, informing me that I was insanely close to getting intop Pseudopod.)

HR are opening up to a new antho in a few weeks, and I definitely plan on subbing–unless it involves me writing the kind of sci fi that actually requires an in-depth knowledge of science. I can do some stuff, like quantum and biology, but I’m still too much of an artsy-fartsy dipstick to get too much right.


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  1. Woo-Hoo! Hadley Rille books are so beautiful – I’m half way through reading ‘Return to Luna’.

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