Fiction is better than real life

I just got back from seeing The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I took Leonoraaah out, my treat. It was her birthday yesterday.

All through the movie, I kept thinking about The Gargoyle, by Andrew Davidson. When I read that book, I felt like it gave me a fresh perspective and a healthy (and much-needed) dose of optimism.

This movie did the same. I won’t bore you with what I loved so much, because you just have to see it for yourself. But I feel like it’s put me on the right path again.

The past few weeks–no, scrap that, months–I’ve felt lost. I’ve been a very small person living in a very big and very confusing head. I’ve been erratic, especially socially (sorry friends who’ve not heard much from me), and I’ve been stuck in a huge rut.

It might sound stupid, but I really fell in love with this movie, like I fell in love with The Gargoyle. Seeing something so beautiful, that makes me feel so happy, both in general and about myself and life, it is a bit like developing a sudden and intense fascination or crush.

I’ve always found it easier to fall in love with stories than with people. I’ve been falling in love with stories all my life, though never quite as strongly as now. I could have a horribly disfiguring accident after holding a firecracker for too long and still count the amount of times I’ve fallen in love with a person on a single singed hand.

Anyway, I feel energised and hopeful. Hopefully this’ll help me get back to my old, more sociable and optimistic self.

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One response to “Fiction is better than real life

  1. Matthew

    You’ve just elevated that movie to must see status for me.

    And it’s great to hear you’re feeling more yourself. I say that with the conviction that yourself is an awfully neat person.

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