Seriously, what

My cat went for the snip earlier this week. He’s back to his old mentally disabled self, with a few differences. You see, before, he liked to hump my leg at night. Now that he’s been de-nadded, he’s content to merely play with my bra once I’ve taken it off.

This post was brought to you by ‘What the hell is that noise I am trying to sleep here BLOODY HELL GIMPY WHAT THE SHIT ARE YOU DOING’. 


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One response to “Seriously, what

  1. Matthew

    I’ve seen dogs humping people’s legs, but not a cat. Maybe it was becase all of ours were fixed at a younger age.

    On the other hand, I was married and am aware that, between bras, earrings, dangly bracelets, necklaces, etc. women are the greatest providers of cat toys in the world.

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