My parents after they heard I was going to be published

Mum: When your novel gets published, what name will you publish under? (I’ve sold two short stories to non-pro markets.)

Dad: Don’t quit uni (a.k.a. your day job).


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5 responses to “My parents after they heard I was going to be published

  1. Matthew

    Ah, but how impressed was the astute Mr. Gimpy?

    I can understand your dad being cautious (I suspect he’s proud under all that). I can also see your mom getting a little carried away (though I would never do that).

    BTW, you still haven’t said who you want to see cast as Susan, Mitchell and Mr. Waters when the movie comes out.

  2. Leah

    My people are currently trying to get Stephen Fry to play Mr Waters–he’s really the only person who could, unless Bill Nighy got a little more portly.

    As for Susan and Mitchell… After seeing the Jonathan Creek Christmas special, I reckon Sheridan Smith could pull off Susan, even if she’s more conventionally pretty than I imagine Susan being.

    I’m really not sure who I’d have play Mitchell. Do you know any actors who are very tall, very thin, vaguely Asian/Indian-looking, and can pull of neurotic well?

  3. I’d just go for Adam Goldberg, aka Mordechai Jefferson Carver, TEH_HEBREW HAMMER!!!

    Shabbat shalom, motherfuckers!

  4. Leah

    I’m not sure I could handle that. Mitchell is supposed to be adorable, in a little-brother or autistic-older-brother kind of way, and I have a fixation on Jewish men.

    Also, ‘shabbat shalom, motherfuckers’ may just be the best thing I have heard in the entirety of my life.

  5. Matthew

    How bout Dev Patel?

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