Hooray for Mr Neil!

Neil Gaiman has been my favourite writer for years now (and not just because he has awesome hair). He writes exactly the kind of stuff I wish I could, and I always look forward to experiencing anything he’s connected to in even the vaguest way.

So yeah, I can’t say that I’m entirely unbiased when I say that he really deserves this award, but the fact remains that The Graveyard Book is an absolutely fabulous book, both for children and adults. (Even though I thought that chapter about the dancing was a bit pointless.)


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4 responses to “Also

  1. Ahoy!

    Um, this isn’t about Mr. Gaiman . . . is there a way to adjust your page so that all that red tiling to the right doesn’t take up more than half the page? Just curious.


  2. Leah

    Unfortunately, no. I spent a good while looking for that, let me tell you. Still, even with the aesthetically less-than-pleasing proportions, I liek this like I liek mudkips–more than the other themes, that is.

    Also, AiC = win.

  3. Hmm . . . should I make the background that’s on this page the background for your “WIDWIWTTLY” navigation frame?

    And yes, AiC is full of awesome. You want more?

  4. Leah

    That idea is dripping with awesomesauce.

    And I’m going to pick up the AiC Unplugged cd next time I have some spare change that wants to be spent at my favourite record shop 😀

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