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TSP is now winging its way to Fantasy Magazine.


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My very first withdrawal

Just sent out an email to Aberrant Dreams. I subbed The Small Print to them on July 16th 2007, and I’ve never heard anything back. They’re dealing with a huge submissions backlog, so it’s not that strange.

However, I’ve just finished giving the story a complete overhaul, as I hate the way I used to write. I only did this story two years ago, but I’m really not tooting my own horn when I say that I’ve improved immensely since then.

I really like this story, mostly because it’s got sentimental value for me. It’s the first thing I wrote that made me feel good about my chances of one day becoming an actual published writer. 

TSP is fairly fantastic and doesn’t include any strictly horror staples. Sure, it’s got alienation and despair, but what doesn’t nowadays? Once I’ve given it a final polish, I’m going to send it off to one of the pro markets. 

Insert mental image of Leah rubbing her hands with glee.

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How rad is this, exactly?

Why, I do believe it’s rad as hell.


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My parents after they heard I was going to be published

Mum: When your novel gets published, what name will you publish under? (I’ve sold two short stories to non-pro markets.)

Dad: Don’t quit uni (a.k.a. your day job).


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Hooray for Mr Neil!

Neil Gaiman has been my favourite writer for years now (and not just because he has awesome hair). He writes exactly the kind of stuff I wish I could, and I always look forward to experiencing anything he’s connected to in even the vaguest way.

So yeah, I can’t say that I’m entirely unbiased when I say that he really deserves this award, but the fact remains that The Graveyard Book is an absolutely fabulous book, both for children and adults. (Even though I thought that chapter about the dancing was a bit pointless.)


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Official acceptance the second

Just sent off a contract to Arkham Tales, who will be publishing Indigenous Species.

I can’t believe a Susan & Mitchell story is actually seeing the light of day. I’d already resigned myself to writing these for the sheer fun of it.



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When it rains, it pours

And when the sun shines, it’s unfathomably bright so that you get third-degree burns and end up looking like a leather handbag at thirty-five.

…that doesn’t really work as a positive spin on the old saying, does it?

Well, whatever. BIG NEWS! Yes, it requires caps. I’ve been sending out stories for what, a year and a half, two years now? And I’ve never had anything accepted. 

I’ve just had two stories accepted in the space of three days.


The first one is Panzersloth, that Matthew and I wrote together last year. That’ll be turning up in Daikaijuzine this summer.

The second one… well, I’m not going to say anything yet, because the contract hasn’t been sent off. But that will be remedied soon, as I’m going to get that sorted out today, once I have access to a scanner and printer.

TWO SHORT STORY SALES. In three days time. After waiting two years. ARGH CAPSLOCK YAY.


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