Christmas, Clarke-style

The cat woke me up early, and then I woke my dad up early. We opened the last-minute Christmas cards (my parents got one that said WEEEEEEEE CHRISTMAS and had cat snot on it), I co-ordinated the giving of gits–I wrapped everything, including the one parcel intended for me.

Afterwards, we watched silly horror movies and drank lots of tea and Guinness. I’m about to start on a bottle of Baileys, and the yorkie’s about to go in the oven.

We’ve had the long-distance phone calls, the gooey family moments, and the cat shredding every bit of wrapping paper he can get his paws on. 

Tonight it’s Wallace and Gromit, possibly some Dr Who. I’m fairly sure there will be more Baileys, more Guinness, and maybe even another gooey family moment.

I hope you all enjoy this Christmas as much as me.

As much as I enjoy Christmas, that is. Not as much as you enjoy me. Unless you really enjoy me, without me knowing about it. But if you do, that’s sort of creepy. Merry Christmas!


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4 responses to “Christmas, Clarke-style

  1. Matthew

    Sounds fun! But you’re putting a yorkie in the oven? How barbaric!

    Unless in the strange foreign place where you live possibly this is not a reference to a yorkshire terrier.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Leah

    Hee, no, it’s a yorkshire pudding 😀

  3. Matthew echoes my sentiments.

    And now I find myself a little let down that you’re not baking a dog.

    Sigh. MX

  4. Leah

    No dogs are baked in this house. El kitten prefers them raw.

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