Semi-untitled novel coming along… nicely?

So, for the first time in what feels like forever, I’m actually working on something of my own. The semi-untitled novel (I think of it as ‘The Girl Who Walks Through Walls) is coming along surprisingly well. Once I’ve got the first chapter down, I’ll be sending it off to my partner in crime.


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7 responses to “Semi-untitled novel coming along… nicely?

  1. YAY!!! I’m so glad that you’re working on your own writing. Whenever I’ve had a chance to read your stuff, it was always good, always entertaining. Bravo!

    Maybe you could call it “Lady Schrödinger”? Lawl!

  2. storyist

    Later on there are sentient rodents that speak with French accents, so maybe it could be Schrödinger’s Rat?

    Bad physics puns ftw!

  3. Larf. I believe in the heat death of the Universe. I’m a Kelvinist, don’t you know?

  4. storyist

    I bow down to your superior punnery.

    And I’m definitely remembering that one 😀

  5. Less comments, more checking your PM’s at that other place. AHEM!

  6. Excellent title – working or otherwise.

  7. Matthew

    I’ve read the first chapter and it is amazing!!!

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